Nishio(City) is one of the most famous areas of producing Matcha in Japan

  • Shokakuen has more than 100 years of history in producing Matcha, Green tea and other types of
    green tea-related products starting from a tea farmer.
  • Shokakuen is based in Nishio City of Aichi Prefecture which is located in the center of Japan.
  • In order to produce higher quality, safe and stable Matcha products, basing on traditional
    techniques and scientific analysis, we, at Shokakuen, have been making continuous efforts to
    maintain and improve quality of our products giving our attention to the aspects of
    environmental sanitation and quality control.
  • In the production of sterilized Matcha and processed Matcha products in particular, we have been
    producing them under the certification system of FSSC 22000 and serving the
    professional needs of food industry and other industries.
  • Also we are running Matcha / Green Tea restaurant and three Tea Stores in Aichi Prefecture in

For those who are looking for Professional Use Products


  • 松鶴園:国産茶葉使用

    Shokakuen’s Matcha are all produced from Japanese domestic tea leaves.

  • 松鶴園:抹茶本来の風味と色調

    All products are carefully ground with stone mills to maximize Matcha's original flavor and color.

  • 小額円:安心・安全・安定

    Sensory testing is important for safe and secure production of Matcha, but our company always
    strives to maintain and improve quality, not to mention hygiene, based on more scientific analysis,
    and establishes a manufacturing system under certification system of FSSC 22000 to manufacture
    sterilized Matcha in order to meet various needs of food industry.

  • 松鶴園:西尾の抹茶【地域ブランド設定商品】

    Matcha is characterized by its vivid and beautiful green color, mild flavor and richness with Umami
    which are characteristics of tea leaves specifically grown in covered tea plantations.
    These characteristics stand out as the quality of Matcha becomes higher.


Classification Features and Applications, etc. Appearance
A series of General Matcha
( Powder Type )
We offer products that retain the original flavor and color tone of
Matcha to the maximum, and are suitable for various food
manufacturers' uses, applications and budgets.
We also have Matcha products that have been sterilized
without imparing the flavor of Matcha, and viable bacteria
count of them is less than 300, and coliform group, fungi,
and heat-resistant bacteria are negative.
Matcha with Chlorella
( Powder Type )
By adding Japanese chlorella to matcha, it is possible to maintain
a clear green color that is not easily faded by heat of foods
that require high-temperature heat treatment for a long time.

( Powder Type, Paste Type )

( Liquid Type )

Our one and only special Matcha products which have features and
advantages of being resistant to heat, light and acidity.
Those products keep beautiful vivid green color of Matcha for
a long time resisting to color changing or color fading by heat,
light and acidity without adding any coloring agents or food additives.



Small Classification Features and Applications, etc. Appearance

Sweet Matcha Powder

Sweet Hojicha Powder

Just mix it with milk to make Matcha Latte,
or Hojicha Latte. It is very popular among people of all ages
at the places such as coffee shops, hotels and restaurants.


One-point advice: Store Matcha-related products in a refrigerator or a freezer,
and return to room temperature before use. Please use as soon as possible after opening.

Matcha Products for Food Processing ( Additives )


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